Practice benefits

Create a new revenue stream in your practice

Start a new revenue stream in your office today. We cover the end to end orthodontic treatment guidance, you provide your own patients with a beautiful smile and the most comfortable treatment appliance. No extra visits for your patients, but the convenience of a top of the line appliance paired with state of the art remote monitoring service and a treatment plan created by experts in the industry.

Treat patients with the highest comfort

No more referrals, your patients remain your patients and will be treated by you and your team, the people they trust. In less appointments than ever before, due to the pairing of a superior aligner system with remote monitoring powered by artificial intelligence. Treat your patients with a beautiful smile, in fewer appointments and shorter treatment times than ever before.

Start without investments

No need for training, no need for certification, no need for extra staff members or an extra chair. We cover your treatment needs from end to end. Instead of referring your patients to another office, our service will provide you all the tools you need to treat your own patients and grow your practice revenue with zero investments.

Maximize your profits

Be as profitable as you can be, utilizing our combined volume and industry experts to set up your treatment plans.

* Lowest pricing for appliances

* Lowest pricing for services

* High efficient treatments, less chair time, less office visits

* Use our industry experts to create your treatment plan and virtual setup

* No additional chairs or staff needed

Create demand with our marketing collaterals

Utilize our marketing collaterals to create demand for orthodontics in your office. Easily accessible, customizable and individualized for your practice and patient population.